LEADS Code of Ethics

Members of the League:

  1. Endeavor to be good citizens and to hold themselves to high ethical standards;
  2. Constantly uphold the honour and dignity of their profession in all actions and relations with pupils, colleagues, school board members, and the public;
  3. Accept the responsibility to keep abreast of current developments in education and to contribute to the growing body of specialized knowledge, concepts, and skills that characterize the professional aspects of school administration;
  4. Strive to provide the best possible educational experiences and opportunities to all persons in their school divisions, placing the needs of the student above all other considerations;
  5. Applying for positions or entering into contracts seek to preserve and enhance the prestige and status of their profession;
  6. Implement, in good faith, all provincial regulations and policies duly adopted by the Board;
  7. Recognize that schools are the public’s business and seek to keep the community fully and honestly informed about its schools, while maintaining confidences entrusted to them in the course of executing the affairs of the schools;
  8. Shall not permit consideration of private gain or personal interest to affect the discharge of their professional responsibilities.